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jupp, hast Recht, der EngineLiftime Wert ist um 1000 U\Min zu niedrig, damit schaffste vielleicht 5 Runden und der geht in Flammen auf - nun gut könnte man sagen, ist doch normal für nen LADA Motor lachen

werd ich korrigieren, hab gleich mal alle anderen Motoren durchgeschaut, da sind einige Werte nicht ganz korrekt, da mach ich gleich mal n kleines update, danke für den Hinweis top

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1 post - Carwasher
Hope you don't mind me posting in English!

I have done a lot of the skins included in this mod, good to see them included.

There are quite a few tweaks needed to make this a 'comprehensive' mod. However this is a great starting point! In my view, the following points need changing:

Some skins are inaccurate
Lots of skins, particularly from the Asian drivers at the end of the season which I have created, are missing
Some SEAT skins have too much black at the rear near the bootlid (for example, 2012 Tuenti Racing Team)
Wheel designs are inaccurate on some models

I have a version with a lot of these changes included but is quite messy. I would be keen to work with you on this to further improve the mod, please message if you require my help!


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1 post - Carwasher
Finally, a proper WTCC/STCC mod.
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3 posts - Carwasher
Nice to see this all in one and updated !!
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Good afternoon I'm new to the forums and I want to participate in this league that you will now?
I downloaded the cars.
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1 post - Carwasher
Thanks for the great mod.

Only 1 car missing.
The Honda Civic Type-R driven at Monza 2005 by Jens Hellström.

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2 posts - Carwasher
I downloaded full 1.01 version and I have a question - are these car's physics actually real? I like graphics, but the physic for me is too easy. I drive these cars on simulation level without helps and cars never slide even in hardest corners... It is like on rookie level in other rmods. To be honest, such a driving isn't fun at all... Is there any way to make these cars a bit harder to drive? Maybe some less- grip tyres?
Sorry for my poor english.
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2 posts - Carwasher
Ok, I found a temporary solution for too easy physics. Only for my own use I changed the drive to REAR and tyres to RWD for all cars (in .hdc)... Maybe it's less realistic (cras have become oversteer), but much more fun to drive - at least for me.

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1 post - Carwasher
Hello apologies for the English.

There are two problems with this mod.

1) The tyres appear to be copied and pasted straight from the RACE series, This is going to cause major issues racing in the rain with the AI.

RACE has two types of tyre;
-"Slick Compound"
- "Wet Compound".

Howver GTR2 has six types of tyre;
- "Soft Compound"
- "Medium Compound"
- "Hard Compound"
- "Intermediate Compound"
- "Wet Compound"
- "Monsoon Compound"

When racing in the rain with .tyr files less then the six compounds GTr2 uses the AI gets confused and cannot find the right tyre. This causes the AI to pit once every other lap.

I recommend copying the compound information to create the six compounds has shown above. This appears to solve the issue and also keeps the control tyre WTCC had at the time. This is how I do it:

- "Soft Compound" stays as it is
- "Medium Compound" = "Slick Compound"
- "Hard Compound" = "Slick Compound"
- "Intermediate Compound" = "Wet Compound"
- "Wet Compound" = stays as it is
- "Monsoon Compound = "Wet Compound"

Note: The Names should stay has the GTR2 default

2) I think the SEATs appear to be some sort of "cut ans shut". In RACE the 2006 SEATs and the 2007 works SEATs are slighly different shapes. If you try to put Yvan Mullers 2006 skin on his 2007 car you get black marks on the front and the back of the car where the skin doesn't match up. Intrestingly in this mod this only happens at the rear. Unfortunatly however this happens on every single SEAT in the mod. It is a very minor fault and a lot of work to solve due to the amount os SEATs in the game, but a huge shame also considering the good work done from the WTCC 2.0 mod.

Finally has a an small aside. It would be nice to have to have some talent files for offline use If I remeber correctly the RACE version can be used, but it means for me a lot of downloading from Steam to get them :-)

I hope this has not come across has a whinge because this mod is excellent. I prefer the flexabilty of running championships in GTR2 compared to RACE and your hard work is much appreciated Thank you.
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1 post - Carwasher
nice pack. top
i need help. missing Priora template. I need a link to download.

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