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Downloads » GTR2 Open Wheeler » Champcar Lola 2005-2006 v1.01
Champcar Lola 2005-2006 v1.01
added by eSR Reporter on 17.08.2010

version v1.01 :


* engine restarts
* ai not leaving pits
* ai.svm with full tank!
* mirrors remapped (thanks Goresh)


* more rear brake thickness
* more brake cooling
* 20% less tire wear
* 50% less brake wear
(this and tire wear caused the AI to pit early)
* more GTR2 optimization

thanks to everyone at NoGrip for the input and testing,
this mod would not be a success without your help.



readme v1.0 :

RMi, in cooperation with iDT proudly present:
ChampCar Lola 2005-2006 for GTR2


iDT's ChampCar Lola successfully recreates the
ChampCar 2005-2006 season down to the smallest
detail. Starting with a beautifull and painstakenly
accurate 3D model, following to exact detail the
race data derived physics and tire models.


Full Version w/sounds
Extract to your X:\GTR2 folder

If you have the rFactor version, you can elect to download
only the basic files without sounds. Sounds are provided
as a companion install to reduce download size. Installation
is the same as above, just copy the rFactor version sounds to

we have provided a rear ratio and 7th ratio gear mod
to provide these functions not included with GTR2.
It is not required to install, but will greatly enhance
the intended experience and historical acuracy.

Hi-Res skins:

Available for download, please find links where you downloaded this.

Caveats and Errata:

Championship files are incomplete. We are asking for community
help with them. Please use the provided template and files.

No selectable "tire color", we may issue an update, or again
the community is welcome to produce the colored tires.

We have tried to keep this as true to the original 1.0-1.2 versions,
as we feel these provided the best mix in terms of driveabilty
as well as historical accuracy. The physics reflect a blend of
all version through 1.4, but based on Dave Purdy's and Randy Stratton's
original work and research, this also applys to tire moddeling.


iDT staff members for full permission and cooperation.
Please see "ChampCarLolacredits.txt" for original credits


thanks n shoutz:

GTI-Heizer ( )
TGE ( )
iDT ( )
iLLWiLL, Pingyw0n ( )
all BetaTesters, Pizza lovers, hackers, celebs and peanut butter 'n jam


We wish to dedicate this release to "epic", a friend of many...
RIP ~ fly on bro.

Filesize 113,0 MB
Downloads 5619
Date added 17.08.2010
Comments 0
Recommend File
Rating ø 9,00
14 Vote(s)

File Infos
Game GTR2
Type Mod
Author RMi
Version 1.01
Format WinRAR













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