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Downloads » GTR2 Tracks » New Hampshire v1.0
New Hampshire v1.0
added by eSR Reporter on 21.05.2010

comin with 2 layouts :

- Oval
- Road Course


Mad Cowie for the origianl NR2003 RoadCourse and unknown original authors
(If you made this track for GPL or some earlier sim I hope you like this conversion
as I did research for original author and didn't come up with anyones name except
Madcowie. But I would like to give full credit for this layout to whom deserves it) :

- Joe03 From for the Original Oval version for rFactor
- Dave Noonan for 3Dsimed and Track Makerprograms
- Strava for his GTL Groove tool
- Joe03 from for teaching me to do my own nightlighting.
- Zarker99 For the awewsome Fog effect during rain.
- See original readme for the oval version and their was no readme for the
Roadcourse version.


- Working Start, Pitin and Pitout lights
- Rain reflections
- Fully working rain line for AI
- Low Level (Moon) Night Lighting
- Flag marshals.
- Road Course versions supports 60 car fields
- Oval version supports 43 car fields
- Fully Operational paceCar.

Known Bugs:

- Needs better loading maps
- Needs better cams

Instalation :

extract with WinRAR or else and drop the trackfolder into your
GTR2\GameData\Locations directory - done.

Even thougth both layouts are the same track, their orgins come from different
games. Their is major differences between the 2 tracks. It's almost as if they
are differnt tracks all together instead of just different layouts.

If you find anything that needs my attention please PM me here at NoGrip or
leave me a message in the forums.

Have Fun!


Filesize 13,2 MB
Downloads 1176
Date added 21.05.2010
Comments 0
Recommend File
Rating ø 6,50
2 Vote(s)

File Infos
Game GTR2
Type Track
Author N2LO
Version 1.0
Format WinRAR







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    Aloha Puni...,da war mir ne Chatnachricht von "olle Cane"3x lieber.Proast,auf ein Franzi !!
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    Moin Nitro-Joe47,oller Ringheizer-ist das HIER Dein 2.Zuhause ?? Jut Nächtle all !
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    Moin Jungs,kann jemand etwas über dem Verbleib des "HD-Helldrivers Clan sagen?
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    servus Puni und Jooe Cool - jupp, Project Cars ist echt klasse, habs mir auch geholt Bravo
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