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Südschleife v1.0
Nürburgring Südschleife for GTR2 First- A big thanks to Nick303 for making this track from scratch.. Now, what have i done to it?? This is not the same as the Zwiss version, I started a new with a fresh rfactor copy from rfactor central. ...
Size 53,2 MB
Date 16.06.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 303
[Details] [Download]
The Edge v1.2
I'd like to thank Madcowie for bringing us this great track to rFactor and allowing myself to convert it to GTR2. There is no rFactor Readme for this track Installation: Delete any previous version you may have 1st, including hat files. E...
Size 60,5 MB
Date 16.06.2014
Rating 9,00
Downloads 217
[Details] [Download]
The Marches v1.1
created by whalleychris British inspired track Install : Extract with WinRAR or else and drop the "TheMarches" folder into your "GTR2\GameData\Locations" directory - done. have fun...
Size 105,0 MB
Date 16.06.2014
Downloads 205
[Details] [Download]
Tauplitzalm Bergpreis v1.1
Änderungen V1.1: - geänderter Horizont - Kameras angepasst - einige Texturen und Geländeverläufe wurden angepasst und verschönert - Boxengass wurde erweitert - A-B Strecke, kein Rückweg mehr zum Start Daten (Stand 2011): Das Rennen finde...
Size 58,8 MB
Date 16.06.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 146
[Details] [Download]
Targa Florio v1.0
GTR2 Conversion by The Sky and Neel Jani Already a big thank you "Targa TEAM" of GPL, without them his would have been possible. thank to Kuato and to the team that converted the GPL version for rFactor, and are giving permission for conversio...
Size 189,0 MB
Date 05.06.2014
Rating 9,00
Downloads 262
[Details] [Download]
Mugello GP SV8RNC v1.0
Credits : Original Track by BlackBean's Superstars V8 Racing - The Next Challenge GTR2 Conversion by senormen LOD by die_Locke & FrankyBB Terms of Use : - only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment - use at your own risk...
Size 36,1 MB
Date 04.06.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 215
[Details] [Download]
Misano 2007 SV8RNC v1.0
Credits : Original Track by BlackBean's Superstars V8 Racing - The Next Challenge GTR2 Conversion by senormen LOD by die_Locke & FrankyBB Terms of Use : - only for private, non-commercial use / entertainment - use at your own risk...
Size 33,0 MB
Date 04.06.2014
Rating 9,00
Downloads 151
[Details] [Download]
Surfers Paradise 2004 v3.0
Credits : Original author C-Mod for F1 Champ by Zero-g & IDT Conversion, modification and optimization by Neel Jani Thanks to Zero-g for permissions Information on improvements : - I cut the entire circuit, as well as all major groups of o...
Size 56,0 MB
Date 04.06.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 2156
[Details] [Download]
SuperSIC 2012 Circuit v2.1
update 04.06.2014 : - added Reverse layout Supersic update dellla track AIW hours and very good, the lights work, there will be future updates and Supersic Reverse. I wanted to dedicate a circuit's true, the Great Marco Simoncelli, I l...
Size 93,7 MB
Date 04.06.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 239
[Details] [Download]
Stonesprings v1.1
3,3 Km Country Rally road created by frasie Hi all! here is my first track builded with BTB evo in 2009 completly reworked and fixed. updates version 1.1 : - new textures - new objects - better AI - more grip - fixed paece car - fixe...
Size 51,1 MB
Date 06.05.2014
Rating 8,33
Downloads 1211
[Details] [Download]
Stardust IR v1.01
Stardust International Raceway for GTR2 Track modeling by: BDibble342 Cam file by: Xank AIW file by: BDibble342 this is an original track created in Bob's Track Builder. Stardust hosted several of the early Can-Am and Trans-Am races in the ...
Size 77,5 MB
Date 06.05.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 156
[Details] [Download]
Solitude 1964 v1.0
Solitude circuit History : The Solituderennen Solitudering or (in French circuit of Solitude) is a 11.4 km road circuit near Stuttgart, and named after the nearby Castle Solitude. Motor sports events were held from 1903 to 1965. Because of the...
Size 71,3 MB
Date 06.05.2014
Rating 9,00
Downloads 202
[Details] [Download]
Snakehead GP v1.1
created by Gamus96 Install : Just copy the downloaded file (Snakehead_GP_v_1_0_GTR2_by_Gamus96) to your GTR2 tracks folder, normally located in "....GTR2\GameData\Locations". Extract archive here. Delete the downloaded archive from tracks...
Size 55,7 MB
Date 21.04.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 172
[Details] [Download]
Smoothland v1.0
created by barcika Track-Info : Fantasy Race Circuit Length = 1.971 miles/3.173 km Grid = 32 Credits : BobsTrackBuilder 3dSimED 3dsMax GEditor Photoshop SIMBIN ISI Contact:
Size 13,7 MB
Date 21.04.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 151
[Details] [Download]
Smash Alley v1.0
created by a74hearse This is just a fun track. (fictional fig. 8} Made with BTB Evo. Install : To install extract folders to GTR2\Gamedata\Locations\ Have Fun.........
Size 15,6 MB
Date 21.04.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 160
[Details] [Download]
Siracusa v1.0
Autodromo Internazionale Siracusa for GTR2 Credits : Original rfactor track by Massimo Grassa, available at : link GTR2 Conversion by Paulmarc Real track website About the GTR2 conversion : When I first started to convert this trac...
Size 79,5 MB
Date 21.04.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 219
[Details] [Download]
Shiraoi Car Land v1.0
created by RudyD (Raido) 2012 (Japanese track name: 白老カーランド) This is a simulation rendition of Shiraoi Car Land in northern Japan. It's the second real-life track I've built located in this region, after Hokkaido Speed Park, but it seems thi...
Size 18,6 MB
Date 21.04.2014
Rating 6,00
Downloads 125
[Details] [Download]
Shanghai Pudong Street 1.1
created by nikeface This is the Shanghai Pudong Street Circuit. The DTM drove on this track last year, and Paul Di Resta became the Champion. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to DW12345 for some modeling. Thanks to icecold for beta-testing. In ...
Size 47,4 MB
Date 21.04.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 158
[Details] [Download]
Pages [39] :  1 23more » 690 Files

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