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Varano 2009-2011 v1.5
Varano de'Melegari 2011 - GTR2 - Public Release GTR2 version of Varano de'Melegari - Original rFactor track by Giovanni "Madhorse" Mangione & Gabriele "Elwood" Bonora - Version updates, both rFactor and GTR2 versions by Elwood ---------...
Size 140,0 MB
Date 18.11.2014
Downloads 163
[Details] [Download]
Vancouver 90s v2.1
GTR2 Version by philrob Vancouver the earlier Pacific Place version from the early 90s,on the former Expo '86 lands on the North side of False Creek in downtown Vancouver.From 1997, a new circuit was created to the east of the old Pacific Pla...
Size 33,2 MB
Date 18.11.2014
Downloads 142
[Details] [Download]
Valkenburg 2010 v1.0
converted from N2003 by Nezeiges A fictional racing track layout on the former Naval Airbase Valkenburg, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands. Length = 3.579 mi./5.726 km. Issues : - No rain reflections - No animated marshals The AIW is no...
Size 25,2 MB
Date 18.11.2014
Downloads 100
[Details] [Download]
Vaca Valley Raceway v1.0
This is a rendition of the now-defunct Vaca Valley Raceway road course in California. It's a resurrected 'Ghost Track', a real track gone to waste, now reborn to run in race simulators. I developed it during 2010. If you're wondering why this...
Size 42,4 MB
Date 18.11.2014
Downloads 102
[Details] [Download]
UK Rally v1.0
CREDITS : I have not been able to find much info concerning credits for this track. What I have found is this: 1.) Raceking converted from CodeMasters Race Driver 3 to rFactor. No other info available about that. No readme. 2.) MatorGash...
Size 31,3 MB
Date 17.11.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 198
[Details] [Download]
Trial Mountain v1.1
created by Konori Description : Trial Mountain and Trial Mountain Reverse from Grand turismo series. scratch built by BTB. Length = 2.475mi / 3.971km Max Vehicles = 36 Version 1.1 : - add Start Li...
Size 43,9 MB
Date 11.11.2014
Rating 6,00
Downloads 215
[Details] [Download]
Trackaholics Raceway 2011 v1.0
created by Junior Mikey This track is for honouring ron123 and sidstalker who never stops creating fantastic stuff. Thank you guys :-) Credits: Bob's Track Builder Basic City xpack by Dosgraphix Buildings 2010 by Cartoon Ennis Extra...
Size 55,7 MB
Date 11.11.2014
Downloads 217
[Details] [Download]
Townsville 2012 v1.11
A conversion of Zolee145's Townsville 2012 with permission Track will show up as Townsville 2012 Installation: Delete any previous version you may have 1st, including hat files. Extract directly to your GTR2\gamedata\locations directory. ...
Size 70,3 MB
Date 11.11.2014
Downloads 206
[Details] [Download]
Tokyo Route 246 v3.1
Completely rebuilt from Gran Turismo, 5,155 long, very wide street circuit now. After much work I hope I have made a good job. happy new year ! install: GTR2\Gamedata\Location\ copy the folder Tokyo246 inside the folder Tokyo R246,is g...
Size 186,0 MB
Date 11.11.2014
Downloads 234
[Details] [Download]
Flugplatz Turtmann v1.08
History: The village Turtmann located in Switzerland in the canton of Valais. In the Rhone valley, the military airfield was completed in 1969 in the currently exists. The main road T9 from Brig to Sion crossed the airfield on its southern sid...
Size 63,2 MB
Date 11.11.2014
Downloads 204
[Details] [Download]
Zandvoort 2009 v1.0
includes 3 layouts : - Club - Grand Prix - National Track-Infos : Although there were some races at Zandvoort before WW II, starting in June, 3, 1939, a real circuit was not built until after the war, mainly designed by John Hugenholtz...
Size 18,9 MB
Date 27.10.2014
Downloads 236
[Details] [Download]
Rockingham v3.1
Rockingham (Oval and Road Course) Credits : Codemasters-Track models and textures Simbin for GTR2 SimGarage 3dsimed Photoshop 9 3DSMAX Thierrydu81 for the AIW Luigi for the Camwoods Conversion & update Neel Jani updates Version 3.1 :...
Size 31,7 MB
Date 22.10.2014
Rating 7,25
Downloads 1276
[Details] [Download]
Vancouver 1998 v0.9
This is Vancouver from the rfactor Indycar 98 series, totally different from the vancouver that's out for GTR2.. This will also work for GTL, inside the track folder is a folder called- GTL, just copy the 2 files into the Main 98vancouver fold...
Size 30,3 MB
Date 22.10.2014
Rating 9,00
Downloads 212
[Details] [Download]
Riverside IR v1.0
Riverside International Raceway GTL/GTR2 by philrob and Rainmaker conversion to GTL/GTR2 by Rainmaker (Nov. 2013), rF version by philrob rF Read_Me by philrob This California track was demolished in 1998, to make way for a shopping mall. I h...
Size 33,7 MB
Date 22.10.2014
Downloads 199
[Details] [Download]
Porto 1958 v0.9
Here is the real Circuito da Boavista Track use for Portuguese GP in the 50's and 60's. Credits : ANTONIOG7772 MATTEO1974 and GP LEGENDS PLUS F1C GAME FROM WICH THE TRACK WAS CONVERTED. If You wish to convert to gtlegends,permission is g...
Size 12,7 MB
Date 22.10.2014
Rating 6,00
Downloads 202
[Details] [Download]
Müllberg - Trash Mountain v1.0
Müllberg (Trash-Mountain) Version 1.00 for GTL - GTR2 - Race 07 1.396 miles/2,251Km fictional fun race course by Franky. (frasie) Sunday morning, six o`clock, somewhere in Germany. A group of some dozen private tuned cars take off from the ...
Size 36,8 MB
Date 22.10.2014
Downloads 216
[Details] [Download]
Greenwood Roadway 1964 v1.0
Credits : Original author for Rfactor : Relesys Conversion, modification and graphics improvements Neel Jani Thank Relesys who has kindly given me permission to convert its circuit version of Rfactor worm platforms SimBin ( GTR2 , GTL , Race...
Size 89,8 MB
Date 19.08.2014
Downloads 261
[Details] [Download]
Zandvoort 1975 v1.0
by motorfx This track is based on the later scratch built 2.5 version that was initially made for rFactor by GPC team, it was created to give a smoother track to drive, its now been updated further to put into GSC2013, I have also put the work...
Size 23,4 MB
Date 19.08.2014
Downloads 233
[Details] [Download]
Pages [40] :  1 23more » 708 Files

  • eSR CT 2014 GR2 League
    30.11.2014 - ab 19:40 Uhr
    Track :
    Sachsenring 1967
    Weather : 20°, dry
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  • info
    Autor : =SiGi=
    Thread : Why cant I download any mods from eSport-racing?
    (27.11.14 - 16:29 Uhr)

    Cant download too!
    Autor : marciosth77
    Thread : Why cant I download any mods from eSport-racing?
    (27.11.14 - 15:58 Uhr)

    Why cant I download any mods from eSport-racing?
    Autor : JasperDeer
    Thread : Why cant I download any mods from eSport-racing?
    (27.11.14 - 11:24 Uhr)

    Kein Titel
    Autor : Tobias89
    Thread : Murcielago LP 840 Carbon
    (26.11.14 - 16:39 Uhr)

    Autor : =SiGi=
    Thread : bin neu hier
    (26.11.14 - 13:44 Uhr)

    bin neu hier
    Autor : Tvv-Verlag 2015
    Thread : bin neu hier
    (26.11.14 - 09:09 Uhr)

    Autor : =SiGi=
    Thread : Murcielago LP 840 Carbon
    (25.11.14 - 20:07 Uhr)

    Kein Titel
    Autor : Tobias89
    Thread : Murcielago LP 840 Carbon
    (25.11.14 - 16:20 Uhr)

    Murcielago LP 840 Carbon
    Autor : Tobias89
    Thread : Murcielago LP 840 Carbon
    (24.11.14 - 10:44 Uhr)

    [GTR2] CAMPIONATO GT2 SERIES 2015 iscrizioni APERTE
    Autor : Giovanni Dara
    Thread : [GTR2] CAMPIONATO GT2 SERIES 2015 iscrizioni APERTE
    (23.11.14 - 16:23 Uhr)

    Kein Titel
    Autor : [HD]Splishi
    Thread : Rennen Charade 70 Punktevergabe !
    (18.11.14 - 18:04 Uhr)

    Kein Titel
    Autor : CrawFish
    Thread : Rennen Charade 70 Punktevergabe !
    (17.11.14 - 21:06 Uhr)

    Wertung Charade
    Autor : =SiGi=
    Thread : Rennen Charade 70 Punktevergabe !
    (17.11.14 - 20:36 Uhr)

    Kein Titel
    Autor : [HD]Cane71!
    Thread : Rennen Charade 70 Punktevergabe !
    (17.11.14 - 19:58 Uhr)

    Rennen Charade 70 Punktevergabe !
    Autor : CrawFish
    Thread : Rennen Charade 70 Punktevergabe !
    (16.11.14 - 22:40 Uhr)

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    wadn mit SLS? hab keine Kilos mehr juhuuu
    [HD]Cane71! Infos einsehen
    Ja morgen geht der TS auch wieder ... :-)
    [eSR]Ricola Infos einsehen
    fahren kann ich auf dem Server doch das ts geht nicht
    =SiGi= Infos einsehen
    wie wo was ? also bei mir geht nix ^^
    [eSR]Ricola Infos einsehen
    Geht wieder
    =SiGi= Infos einsehen
    Server ist momentan nicht verfügbar....
    Tvv-Verlag 2015 Infos einsehen
    hallo liebe esr racer..ich hab mich heut bei euch angemeldet..wuerde sehr gern bei euren meisterschaften mitmachen...muss ich irgendwelche mods runterladen???bin oft bei der pilsbierbude gefahren...danke..
    [HD]Cane71! Infos einsehen
    Doppelbelegung .. Gibt es auch auf Standartstrecken . Und ich hatte diese Saison schon 2 mal Doppelbelegung ..
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