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Shanghai Pudong Street 2010 v2.0
Credits : Track made from scratch by Neteye for rFactor Please see the original Readme included in the track folder. GTR2 Conversion and updates by RacerM & Friends I downloaded this track in its form that was converted to Rfactor. The tra...
Size 61,5 MB
Date 04.04.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 157
[Details] [Download]
Searspoint all layouts v1.0
GTR2 Conversion by RacerM included layouts : - Full - Indycar - Nascar I want to thank the original author for allowing the conversion of his track and for the many hours that he has put into constructing this marvel. Whenever you have t...
Size 85,0 MB
Date 04.04.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 104
[Details] [Download]
Seattle Circuit 2012 v1.0
by Nikos Danton - completely rebuilt from Gran Turismo - City-Circuit, 4,549 km - two layouts (normal and reverse) a special thanks to the team "the Brotherss", for the great work, is not only ...! Now the track is narrower, only 14 meter...
Size 161,0 MB
Date 04.04.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 141
[Details] [Download]
Remlingrade Hillclimb v1.05
created by Andre F1-Edition History: We are located in the Bergisch Land, part of the West German low mountain range, one of the best terrain for national hillclimb races in motorsport. Now the route: The start is located in the valley of t...
Size 137,0 MB
Date 04.04.2014
Rating 9,00
Downloads 118
[Details] [Download]
Sekia Circuit 2012 v1.0
Sekia Circuit, formerly known as Sekia Hills D.E.C., is a very popular track for drifting located in Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan's Kyushu island. It hosts various drifting events such as Wako's Cup or MSC. The main layout is a 1km long cours...
Size 33,6 MB
Date 04.04.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 53
[Details] [Download]
Meadowdale IR 1968 v1.21
Meadowdale International Raceway 1968 for GTL/GTR2 Credits : NASCAR2003 track by Dave Thayer rFactor update by philrob GTL/GTR2 conversion by Rainmaker cam and aiw update by jmadria further enhancement especially for GTL version by derDumek...
Size 57,1 MB
Date 20.03.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 137
[Details] [Download]
Assen TT SBKX v1.1
Credits : Converted from Black Bean Games SBKX to GTR2 by senormen - Maximal visibility of racing line in braking zones - AIW Rapair 1.0 by dhaman - GTR2 LOD style and trackmaps by die_Locke & FrankyBB v1.1 (updates by Team PBB) : - aiw...
Size 30,8 MB
Date 20.03.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 173
[Details] [Download]
Schleizer Dreieck v1.0
Track505 has build Schleizer Dreieck from scratch for rFactor, bringing a famous venue of East German racing to the simulation. Pls. check his blog at He kindly gave me permission to convert it to GTR2. A very BIG "...
Size 38,4 MB
Date 20.03.2014
Rating 7,50
Downloads 134
[Details] [Download]
Schottenring 1967 v1.0
Credits : Original author for Grand Prix Legends, Mark Daniels / Eric Bourgouin / Andre Streu / Paul Jackson / John Basara Converted to GTR2 / rFactor by Neel Jani Modification, improvement graph by Neel Jani Special thanks to Mark Daniels ...
Size 106,1 MB
Date 20.03.2014
Rating 6,00
Downloads 113
[Details] [Download]
Nogaro 2004 v2.2
Original track by Nicolas Andronov for Nascar Racing 2003. Conversion & update for GTR2 by Neel Jani. I thank Nicolas Andronov for permission to convert his track. Conversion & Improvement in version 2.2 : - Renovated much texture - Creati...
Size 58,9 MB
Date 20.03.2014
Rating 8,50
Downloads 854
[Details] [Download]
Sears Point v1.01
Sears Point (Infineon Raceway) includes 2 layouts (short and long) I would like to thank Bud lucas who made this track originally for rFactor and allowed me to convert it to GTR2. See original readme. I would also like to thank RacerM for ...
Size 8,3 MB
Date 20.03.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 1966
[Details] [Download]
Lumberjack Valley v1.01
GTR2 Conversion by BenMK1 this is a conversation from the GT-Legends v0.99 by Pizzaman Overworked: - AIW: AI Dry Line (AI now faster), groove, start position - TRK: for better fps Install: Copy all Data in ...\GTR2\GameData\ Credit...
Size 78,1 MB
Date 20.02.2014
Rating 5,00
Downloads 212
[Details] [Download]
GnooBlass 1970 v1.01
GTR2 Conversion by BenMK1 this is a conversation from the GT-Legends v2 by legendsatlunch including the train fix from NeelJ fixed: - AIW: I have repaired the groove - TRK: For some distance limitation collision activated - Correcting pos...
Size 118,2 MB
Date 20.02.2014
Rating 7,50
Downloads 224
[Details] [Download]
Castel Cobalto v1.0
created by aeroboy This circuit is my first attempt to create a track with BTB, sorry but i don't own and i'm not able to use 3dsimed. This is a fantasy track located somewhere in Italy. The quality is probably not very high (because BTB is ...
Size 61,0 MB
Date 20.02.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 172
[Details] [Download]
Zolder 1979 v1.2
Conversion & updates by motorfx This was based on an early version of the track by Codemasters, some sections are scratch made or remodelled to produce the earlier 79 layout. The track was originally made for the GPC 79 Mod by the team and mys...
Size 28,3 MB
Date 20.02.2014
Rating 7,00
Downloads 200
[Details] [Download]
Prince George Circuit 2013 v1.0
created by barcika East London, Prince George Grand Prix Circuit latterly... Wikipedia: The original circuit was 23.4 km long and was run on streets through different populated areas. The start and finish straight ran along the sea shore. A...
Size 22,5 MB
Date 20.02.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 166
[Details] [Download]
USCE 2012 v1.0
created by ZWISS THE REAL TRACK Ušce was also the site of temporary street circuit where races were held since 1967. and were held almost every year afterwards. The track (in a 2.310 meter configuration) encompasses roads around the blok 15...
Size 33,0 MB
Date 06.02.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 254
[Details] [Download]
Serres v1.5
created by ZWISS Serres Racing Circuit is one of the leading Motorsport facilities in Greece. It’s a venue which has a an asphalt race track as well as a Motocross track, both of which are used throughout the season. Facilities at the track ar...
Size 24,1 MB
Date 06.02.2014
Rating 8,00
Downloads 234
[Details] [Download]
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    Thread : Happy Birthday Touring
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    unter der Woche war ich schon mal drauf ohme Probleme...
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    HELPHab interlagos V2.0 und Update auf 1.01. drauf aber komm trotzdem nit drauf! what
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    Luis Mercury and ant5767, i send you a PM wink - bitte jemand das Monza-Replay in mein FTP-Verzeichnis laden, danke.
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